Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bangladesh India cyber war continues.

The page of cyber war.

Bangladeshi hackers started cyber war against India on 8 February, 2012. The hackers declared that the Border Security Force of India must stop border killing at Bangladesh-India border. From the last updated news more than 25,000 webs have been hacked by the Bangladeshi cyber hackers. They hacked the BSF’s main website for 5 hours. After opening the website, the user could see a page where a demand to stop border killing. On the other hand, Indian hackers have occupied 200 important websites of Bangladesh. It is reported by the security ray and the, a web magazine, that BBHH (Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers) is the name of the hacker group. Bangladesh Cyber Army and Expire Cyber Army are another two hacker groups who joined for hacking. Moreover some International hacker groups including anonymous also working for the Bangladeshi hacker groups. Another report by presents that Microsoft India's web store being attacked by China's two hackers. It is proved that India Bangladesh border is the highest violent border of the world. In the last three year, 203 people were killed in this Border by the Indian Border Security Force. The Border Security Force shot a girl named Felani in 6 January 2011 and it was highly criticized throughout the world community at that time. Meanwhile another group of Bangladeshi hackers named Bangladesh Cyber Army has also issued a video statement calling upon the Indian government to Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber space completely; Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders; Stop Tipaimukh Dam; Sign the Teesta water sharing treaty and other three demands. These statements were reported by