Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ganges River Dolphin, a critically endangered species in Bangladesh.

Ganges river dolphin, Photo from AP

Once upon a time, Ganges River Dolphin, Locally called Shushuk (শুশুক), was widely distributed in the major rivers of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. But nowadays it becomes an endangered species. The Total populations may be maximam 4000-4500. In Bangladesh, The total individuals are 250-300. It has been observed 10-20 in Jamuna river, 10-20 in the Padma river, 100-110 in the Karnaphuly and Sangu river and others occurred in the Sundarbans and in the coasts.
Ganges River Dolphin, Platanista gangetica, is locally called Shoshuk, Hucchum, Sishu, Nadir Shoshuk or Hoom. The Forest Department of Bangladesh Government circulated in 29 January, 2012 that the three areas of the Sundarbans;- Dhudhmukhi, Chandpai and Dhangmari, will be the safety areas for the wildlife. The safety zone for the wildlife of the Sundarbans will be helpful for the existence of Ganges River Dolphin and other 4 species of dolphins and 2 species of Whales.

আরো পড়ুনঃ

. Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises (Cetaceans) of Bangladesh.

.  গোলাপি ডলফিন বিলুপ্তির পথে

৩. লামচিতা বাংলাদেশের মহাবিপন্ন স্তন্যপায়ী প্রাণি

৪. বাংলাদেশের স্তন্যপায়ী প্রাণীর তালিকা

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