Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movements become the main policy of the left parties of the Indian subcontinent.

 Oil-gas movement in Bangladesh.

The left politicians of the Indian sub-continent have been playing movement-movement game for a long time. From the very beginning of left politics in the subcontinent in 1921, the Communist Party of India tried to make a lot of movements, processions and protestations. In many movements, they had achieved a lot of success. But all their movements finally became futile when Indian National Congress and Muslim League, the two major reactionary political parties, take power in India and Pakistan. In the last 60 years, hundreds of left parties in the sub-continent take part in a lot of movements, protestations, processions, rebellions, reformations; but they failed to create revolutions or to take the power of the states.
The motto of the left politicians was not to achieve the power. Their motto was to create people’s awareness on their rights, awareness on socialism or communism, the necessity of independence, the necessity of movements etc. But actually the left politicians failed to establish their aims, aspirations, directions, purposes, destinations. Sometimes, they didn’t know what are their responsibilities and duties among the people. Now-a-days their only duty is to make processions on a lot of contemporary problematic issues. In the last 30 years, the left leaders of Bangladesh have tried to make movements; and India or Pakistan’s scenario was not different from that.
The duty of a socialist or communist or leftist party is to revolt against Capitalism and create a socialist state. Their duty is to create a program on the basis of Marxism, Leninism, Maoism or on the basis of Communist Manifesto. But all the left-wing parties of the Indian subcontinent failed to present a Manifesto that would-be the solution of the problems of the state. Indian and Bangladeshi left parties have no point-based programs on capturing power. The socialist or communist parties of Bangladesh don't take any steps or programs to take the state power except two or three parties like Naxalites who tries a lot but failed. India also is facing the same problem, no new tactics. The dogmatism, old writings & old comrades become the gods of the left parties. The old backdated thoughtless comrades are the flag-holder of the left parties. They are always uttering the same old dialogues and forgotten to create new movements. The party office is their business office. They earn their livelihood from the party and the property of the party. The leaders lost their aspirations for Revolution.

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